Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Messy Table Wednesday

I haven't done a bead table Wednesday in a while 
so I snapped a quick picture of my messy table this morning.

Here is the current state of my table.
Coffee in my sheep cup which was a St Patrick's Day gift from my Mother In Law.
The TV remote :-) for some tunes while I am working.
My Mac <3
In the lower right you will see a bunch of lucite and some pendants I have been working on.
The middle on the bead mat are some etched copper pendants, lucite beads and a flower from Nancy Schindler that will become a necklace. BTW Nancy is having an update at Noon today at
The back right is a little green box my dad gave me a long time ago which I love I have biz cards and some beads in there. On top of that is a box overflowing with silks from Marsha Neal. Love her silks.
The tool holder in the back middle my hubby made and I love it for storing my pliers. It helps keep them organized.
Just behind that is s a desk caddy which is perfect fro keeping notebooks and other items organized.

Can you tell that am trying to get organized?

The red thing? That's my external hard drive, it backs up my computer. Thank you Patty G.

See anything else in the pic you want to know more about? Let me know.
What's on your bead table today?



Kristi Bowman said...

That actually looks very clean, I really need some serious clean up on mine, it's getting to the point I can't even function. External hard drive hmmmm that's probably a great idea huh?

quiltingjewel39 said...

Nice size table - it looks a lot neater than mine! I see some Marsha Neal pendants too - I have been working on some of those. What kind of pliers are those if you don't mind me asking - they look very comfortable. Thanks.

Shannon Chomanczuk said...

Boy you have good eyes, that is indeed a Marsha Neal pendant. I will reveal that in a necklace on Friday.
My pliers are from a few diff. places. I have a chain nose and round nose from Vintaj, a flat nose from Lindstrom, the orange ones are cutters from Home Depot and the others are from Michaels.
Yes, externail hard drive is a must I think.