Saturday, April 21, 2012

Picnic, Rain and Turkey

It has been 2 beautiful days here in NY. I spent the last 2 days home with my little girl playing outside. 

Friday was so beautiful that I made us a picnic lunch and threw down a blanket in the backyard. 

Today was too windy to have a picnic so we just laid on the blanket squishing ants and talking.

A turkey decided to come by and see what we were doing. 

I am sitting at my worktable now and it is starting to rain. I had heard rain for the whole weekend so I am thrilled it held off till tonight. The breeze coming in through the screen door is wonderful.

Today was a rough day. We woke to a huge mess she had made, it's gross so I won't go into detail let me just say bleach was involved. Then she wouldn't nap, there was lots of crying. Then at dinner she stuck her whole hand into the honey jar. The sweet kisses and hugs I got at bedtime made up for it all :-)


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kristibasket said...

Some days are hard and some days you will look back and actually miss them! Love the outdoor party!

Alice said...

Your sweet daughter is lucky to have a wonderful mom who devoted two days of undivided attention.

She's a doll!

stacilouise said...

Awww......ya know, if we never had those rough times, we wouldn't fully appreciate the good ones. She is sweet! Love the pics- you guys look so much alike:)