Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday Tips - Tame Glitter

I am calling these tame glitter because although the gel polish color is very tame my client had me cover all ten nails in a beautiful sparkly glitter. They are so sparkly.

Q&A: I was asked this question last week:

OK here is a question for you--well really three questions. Do you make your own ear wires? If so, what gauge of wire do you use? 
The reason I asked is that I ordered some yellow brass wire from a shop on etsy in order to make a pair of ear wires as a special request by a customer. The seller indicated the wire was 20 gauge half hard, but when I tried to make ear wires from it the wire was very flimsy--though appeared to be a true 20 gauge. No amount of hammering made the wire stiff enough for the ear wires. I'm so disappointed. OK, third question, where can I get good yellow brass wire for making ear wires? 

-Do I make my own ear wires? The long answer is yes and no. I make my own sterling silver ear wires. I use 20 gauge wire and tumble them to harden. I do not make my own brass ear wires, those I purchase from Vintaj.

-Where can I get good yellow brass wire for making ear wires?
I am putting this question out to my readers because I do not make my own brass ear wires I do not know the answer. I know you have tried 1/2 hard wire and were not satisfied with the results so maybe try full hard. The best and worst part of brass is how malleable it is. This is great for wire wrapping but not so great for making ear wires. Do you have a tumbler? Tumbling metal makes it harder so if you do have a tumbler I would try that too. 

Thanks so much for sending in your question!

Do you have a question for me? It can be salon, nail, jewelry, business related or anything really. I will try to answer your question in my next blog post.
Happy Tuesday!


Alice said...

Thanks Shannon for posting my question. I was asked to fix a pair of earrings where the wire was too big to go through not only the woman's ear, but also the hole on the other side of the earring! The earrings are large flattened yellow brass hoops and the wires were soldered on. I thought I would cut off those wires, punch holes in the hoops and attach my own wires. I do have a tumbler, but no shot--can you believe it?

Thanks again!

Cilla said...

I love the nails! Is it a fad to do one color different in a set of 10 nails? How do you do it so it doesn't look like you chipped one and just redid it with a different color?