Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday Tips!!!

Here is a set of super cute nails I did last week.
They are another set of acrylic nails, square shape this time, with mylar. I mixed 2 colors raspberry and silver mylar for this set.
I think they look shiny, fun and sparkly.

I received no questions last week so I am just going to remind you to use your cuticle oil everyday!
What shape nails do you like?
Send me your nails, jewelry or business questions and I will happily answer them here on my blog :-)
Have a great Tuesday and I'll see you next week!


Alice said...

Cute nails!

OK here is a question for you--well really three questions. Do you make your own ear wires? If so, what gauge of wire do you use?

The reason I asked is that I ordered some yellow brass wire from a shop on etsy in order to make a pair of ear wires as a special request by a customer. The seller indicated the wire was 20 gauge half hard, but when I tried to make ear wires from it the wire was very flimsy--though appeared to be a true 20 gauge. No amount of hammering made the wire stiff enough for the ear wires. I'm so disappointed. OK, third question, where can I get good yellow brass wire for making ear wires?

Kristen said...

I love your nail pictures!!!! I wish you lived closer!