Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tuesday Tips

Super shiny Mylar nails. These are acrylic with Mylar pieces encapsulated on the tips.

I had to share this photo of my beautiful daughter's sweet pink nails :-)

I was asked a question last week about cutting cuticles. My first response is Yikes! Don't do it. But I know some of you are going to need to cut your own cuticles at some point so my biggest piece of advice for cuticle care is only cut what is already dead tissue. Do not cut the living tissue at the base of your nails. It is there to protect you from infections. If you need to nip a hangnail use a sharp pair of cuticle nippers and place them at the base of the hangnail and cut, do not tear at the hangnail with your nails, teeth or dull nippers, this will do more harm than good.
My #1 tip for healthy cuticles is oil. My second tip is to take a washcloth and gently push back the skin at the cuticle area and around the nail after a shower, bath or washing dishes. If you gently rub a warm soapy washcloth around your nails you will exfoliate and smooth dry, dead skin. 
Then use cuticle oil and smooth on hand lotion for an at home mini-manicure.

Please send me your questions nails, jewelry or business related I will be happy to answer them as best I can on the next Tuesday Tips.



Barbara said...

:) That makes me feel so much better!!!!

Jennifer Lambert said...

Great response Shannon:) don't forget the exfoliating cuticle treatments that help keep that tough skin from building up, getting dry and cracking!! Winter will be here soon enough ughhhhhh!!!

KayzKreationz said...

Thanks. I never cut my cuticles. I try to push them back, but hadn't heard of using a warm soapy washcloth to exfoliate them before.

Here's a question. My thumbnails are always breaking/splitting back past where the nail connects to the thumb. Someone told my mom years ago, that it was caused by having high fevers when I was a baby/young. I don't know if I believe that, but I did have lots of high fevers. Is there anything else I can do to strengthen them or stop them from breaking back like that? It mainly seems to be my thumb nails. Thanks.

(By the way, after your first few tips, my nails do seem to be getting stronger and growing out some. Thanks so much.)